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Our Plan

Our Entrepreneurship Classes: Our classes focus on teaching the students decision making, problem solving, planning, and multitasking. They practice these skills through self motivation and the support of our amazing instructors. They learn how to foster their own ideas, as well as understanding business objectives through conducting market research.


Our Student Selection: Students are selected to join the social entrepreneurship initiative as temporary employees prior to graduation. This is based on their attendance, and the completion and presentation of their business plans.

Young Teen Model

How It Works

Our 501(c)(3) Parent Organization will provide all students in the various social enterprises with fundraising capacity, HR support, and accounting initially before they are self sustained by the students. Our Marketing Organization (MARKD) and our Shipping and Printing Company (REMIX Shipping and Printing Services) will not only work with the other social enterprises to promote and distribute their products, but will also be available to other companies and organizations. The students in our Woodworking (Remixed Woodworking) and Design (Venture Project Designs) Organizations will create products to sell beyond the Project Remix community that you can buy on our website. 

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