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Our “WHY”?

Opportunity Youth are

5x more likely

to end up in the

adult criminal justice system and

3x more likely

to suffer from depression and other mental illness.

Stack of hands

Why ‘Project Remix’ as a name?

Music is a passion for many of our staff and students. When thinking of a name for the program (now nonprofit organization), we wanted to reflect why we were choosing to do this work.
We decided on Project Remix after listening to a few remixed songs that took songs we had already loved and turned them into something that we thought could not get any better. Through collaborating with artists and finding new beats, these producers were able to change the sound just enough to make it a stronger song. 
Project Remix is a celebration of our students’ original stories with the added layer of collaboration with parents/guardians, social service agencies, education teams, and training & employer partnerships.

Project Remix Ventures

PRV’s ultimate mission is to provide a clear pathway towards new possibilities and beginnings. We needed a way to practice the skills and behaviors, well beyond GED completion, that would empower youth to gain access to an entry point of an industry they are passionate about, and then get that job, keep that job, and advance in their careers. 
Through learning from the best practices around the country, we created a social enterprise model based on the current enrichment programs available to students during the day. They will receive the necessary training, while at school, so they can monetize via the Phase 1 of our social enterprises model. 

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